28 July 2015

Ps.Vijay Abraham


I was born in a family which has ancestry of hindu temple priest that is my grandfather who was a first generation Christian who accepted the Lord when missionaries from EuropePastor Vijay Abrahamwitnessed to him, and in turn went around the villages witnessing and whoever was in need was given all the help monetarily and also materially from his personal wealth.Once during my summer vacation when I visited the village I saw him back after one such visit bleeding heavily all his clothes were soaked in blood when I rushed to him and asked him what happened he replied satan attacked him but also he told that grace of the Lord Jesus will change the people’s heart that was the turning point but after sometime I forgot about my the incident and started to lead a life which was full of drinking smoking and drugs.Later I got married and after my daughter was born I accepted the Lord,became a born again believer,instantly was delivered from smoking and drinking this miracle turned around my life to serve the Lord and from then my ministry started. Started ministry by visiting prisoners in jails in India who were under life imprisonment for murdering, with our visits and by the grace of the Lord they started attending our prayer group in the prison and accepted the Lord,there repentance, there faith, by our prayers they were miraculously released because of there good behaviour and on our country’s fiftieth anniversary AN AWESOME MIRACLE INDEED .The Lord used our family to organise the crusade for Dr.Morris Cerullo world famous evangelist from USA was very successful with more than a million attending the meetings and hearings from sicknesses like cancer to the blind getting healed everyday for seven days. In 1998 my first trip to the United States of America where I  was invited by many churches I saw the thirst for the word of God .In New York  in one of   the churches during the healing service I felt the Lord leading me to pray for this woman who was suffering silently with HIV/AIDS   after the prayer next day she went to the hospital for her regular appointment and she came back crying to me in terms of joy she told how the doctor told her that she is no more infected and she is healed. My burden for my country led me back this was sign from the Lord for us as a family to diversify in other people group like street children and commercial sex workers which was challenging because of the new epidemic virus called Hiv without any cure was spreading rapidly so we started a hospice for people infected with Hiv / Aids and orphanage for infected and affected children in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation,conducted awareness programmes amongst university students, migrant labours and conducted more than four hundred medical camps very successfully.I felt the Lord leading me elsewhere when I fasted and prayed for a long time the confirmation from the Lord led me to Belgium. 

Our Vision is like apostle Paul in bible to plant churches more like home groups or care cells which we felt are more effective and Christ centred:Power in the church,God’s presence in the church as a dwelling place of God himself, unity in the church without denominations,ministry in the church to mobilise a trained and gifted ministers who will push back the mediocrity ignorance pain and injustice and lastly Holiness in the church cleansed comforted cherished and brilliant in the reflection of glory of God.

Power in the churchPresence in the church

Unity in the church

Ministry in the church

Holiness in the church