28 July 2015


IMG_20160329_112112-001Born in a land of 330 million gods and still counting choosing the religion Christianity was not an easy task though being born to blessed christian parents.The peer pressure took a beautiful turn at the age of 15, i had given my heart to the Lord Jesus and had been baptized in the water and since then forth my walk with him had been. Coming from a family of heathens where my great grandparents were the followers of hindu deity shiva,later gave themselves to full time missionary work.Born as a christian to a believer in God and a hindu converted mother walking with the Lord had been easier,as I was always surrounded by seeing the works of his goodness upon our family and touching peoples life in their walk with the Lord.During one of the crusades of Dr.Morris Cerullo .I was baptized in the water at the age 15 and received the gift of speaking in tongues at the age of 16.Completed my studies at the age of 22 and served as a professor during my secular life.As a sunday school teacher my interaction with children and love grew more and had become more easy to give the gospel to these gifts of God.My visit to a foreign land Belgium is where i obeyed the call of the Lord in my life and my secular field where i had been dwelling the Lord turned it into a missionary field.The work of the Lord gets exciting.Religion had turned deeper to a Relationship with the Lord. shepherding among refugees,street workers, and ministering among mentally -ill and depressed is what i have a heart for as i believe poverty is something more internal where the real work of the Lord needs manifestation ,and the work of the Lord gets day by day invigorating though they have been hurdles and hindrances but my zeal for souls and faith in the Lord surpasses every obstacle.