28 July 2015

Our Mission Statement

To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people

To be a positive and effective witness to one and all for our Lord Jesus Christ

To win lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ by preaching the gospel build up body of christ of unselfish souls through preaching prayer fellowship and using the biblical principles of spirituality

To be   with every member in their spiritual walk by supporting caring and loving church family willing and eager to help to restore and prepare .

Hebrews 13:12

To encourage the opening and establish of new works

Matthew 9:37

To mobilise Jesus recognised that people would build   the   kingdom he then mentored and mobilised them into ministry thus there was fire and awakening of souls. after these   thing the lord appointed other seventy also and sent them two Luke 10:1

To go where we cannot go physically we can go financially .

Mark 16:15