28 July 2015




We believe that church planting is the most effective ways of evangelism and with a country where 1 out of 3 unreached people in India we need to plant more churches to effective flourish the gospel.we believe according to Luke 10:2 that the God would send workers into his harvest and is faithfully doing this .We train and empower rural pastors where in turn they spread the net of gospel in core unreachable areas.With 400 million people in India and still counting who have never heard the name Jesus.Our vision is to plant churches in every urban slums, remote villages and cities .John 5:19 tells us “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does”. God is indeed working in a mighty way in India.We believe “When a group of new disciples begin to gather regularly and obey all the commands of Jesus a church comes into being. When the group begins to reach out to those in their network of relationship whether blood relation, clan, ethnic,tribe or otherwise, regularly seeking those who are lost, a foundation is laid. When new disciples from these networks begin to meet as churches and in turn reach out to new networks, a momentum is begun. When this process is happening in a number of networks and 3rd or 4th generation churches are coming into being and church is planted . Simple Church we believe in giving the tools and not rules. And that replication thrives when partnered with simplicity. In 2 Tim 2:2 as Paul tells Timothy to teach faithful men that will teach others also.When 4th generation churches can be seen, it is strong evidence that a church planting is taking place and God is moving powerfully in a particular region. Jesus tells us in Luke 10:2 that “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Will you also join us in the harvest? Will you consider joining God where He is already working? Will you pray for more churches to be planted in India? Will you consider being a financial partner of the church planting ministry? Your gift to plant a church will be a gift that can change a life , a family , a neighbourhood and city and nation . That one church planted this year will plant more churches, and these churches will plant more churches.


We shelter abandon children, some of them being children of dead Hiv /Aids parents we  give our children basic yet vital medicines and preventive care as well as refer serious and medical cases to local health professionals .We provide our children will consumable learning materials .our core mission   for these little angels is to give them a hopeful   future .that begins with a good start in life with a shelter,clothing and food etc.As Deuteronomy 14:29 says, “And the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow,who are within your towns, shall come and eat and be filled, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do.”God calls His people to specifically remember orphans in their giving. ‘Awakening Souls International Ministries ‘ provides creative ways to give to the cause of orphan care.

As you consider how God may be calling you to care for orphans in their distress, take heart! He who calls you to this work will be faithful to equip you for the work he has called you to! “For the God who calls you is faithful, and He can be trusted to make it so.” I Thessalonians . 5:24
Truly   as   the   saying goes ,do for one what you wish you could  do for everyone.May the Lord bless  you in your giving.

We believe there is a brighter tomorrow only if you make sunshine in their lives.


Being experienced since 1996 till date ,as a part of our vision we are into organizing crusades of prominent christian world leaders, If you would like us to be your organiser for crusades or conferences in India contact us via email  info@awakeningsoulsinternational.org for further details and references.


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